If you're here, we hope it’s because you’ve heard good things.

Monokoto is the secret weapon for businesses with ambition.

Work local.
Think global.

We are a strategic design studio.

Our clients range from freshly minted startups to some of the most well-known brands in the world across Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Tech, Healthcare, Audio, Video and Smart Home.

We mobilise in compact and dynamic client teams, working across Europe, the USA and Asia to power successful collaborations, and crafting compelling design work from our studio in London.

Designing for product, service, interface, brand and business drives growth and creates truly memorable experiences.


Since 2012

Our client base spans transportation, consumer electronics, healthcare and more. We have grown organically since 2012.

Our work is at the core of our clients business, as such many activities remain confidential.

Naim Audio
Designing what’s next in ultra high-end audio with Naim
To find out how we help create some of the world’s most renowned hi-fi and audio products - contact London.
Virgin Atlantic
Creating new experiences in air travel
To discover more about our customer experience, interiors and transportation design expertise - contact London.
Designing new ways to care with Coloplast
To find out how our experience in modern experience design helps to transform healthcare organisations - contact London or Copenhagen.
Building a ‘new Danish’ brand with Libratone
To find out how our design work across product UI, App, retail, packaging, online, and events gave huge value and confidence to an emerging player - contact Copenhagen.
Re-invigorating an icon with Michelin
To discover how our Industrial Design and Experience Design practices are one - contact London.
Uncovering new opportunities with Intel
To discover how we are engaged to innovate on core business offerings by some of the world’s technology giants, Intel among them - contact London.
Creating products for the IoT with Sony
To discover more about our expertise in connected experience design, and how we make successful projects work globally - contact London.
USA & Australia
Creating a new approach to home security with Homeboy
To find out how we work with start-ups and new technology businesses - contact London or Copenhagen.
Creating a VR business with Pico
To find out how our brand, industrial and UI teams helped create a new business in a new field - contact London or Copenhagen.
Envisioning future in-car interactions
To explore how we help create ambitious and achievable future experiences in automotive and other fields - contact London.
Nordic Capital
Creating new value with Nordic Capital
To find out how we work with investors and business owners across business innovation, strategy and design - contact Copenhagen.
Sound United
USA & Japan
Creating new futures for beloved brands
To find out how our design work is helping to breathe new life into some of the world’s most recognised and respected brands - contact London.

Where we play

We uncover powerful insights, and design purposeful experiences in the sweet spot where brand, service, product and business meet.

Creating magical moments

We understand and explore the customer journey to identify opportunities.

We engage users and develop relationships through the design of truly original interactions, services and products.